Supply only window styles in Kent

Sliding Sash Windows

Market-leading uPVC design to assure unbeatable quality and performance.

Min. height 750mm (no tilt), max. height 3000mm (no tilt).

Min. width 350mm, max. width 1500mm (single unit).

Wide range of colours, styles and finished available.

A rated thermally rated frame as standard.

Easy clean facility included in design.

Supply Only Sliding Sash Windows

Sliding sash windows are a cost-effective way to offer your customers a classic charm to their home.  Comprising of the market-leading design from Quickslide, all of our sliding sash windows offer a range of authentic features for your customers to enjoy. They accurately echo the classic timber design that can be easily installed into all property types.

Quickslide are an award-winning UK manufacturer, allowing us to offer you a cost-effective way to ensure your customers get the very best in sliding sash window design. They feature the classic sliding sash window functionality that has been completely modernised due to contemporary innovation.


Energy Efficient Sash Window Design

Combining an incredibly energy efficient frame with 24mm double glazed units that feature a high performance spacer bar, our sliding sash windows can achieve U-values ranging from 1.6 w/m2k to 1.4 w/m2k. This allows them to offer a standard of thermal efficiency that is rated at A(+11) on the thermal efficiency rating scale.

This standard of thermal efficiency means that our sliding sash windows will enhance the heat retention of any home in which they installed. This allows your customers to enjoy reduced heating bills and carbon emissions, meaning our windows are a cost effective way to ensure your customers are getting a warmer home throughout the winter months.

Highly Secure Sliding Sash Windows

Featuring a premium uPVC profile, as well as high security multi-point locking systems, our sliding sash windows offer an incredibly high standard of security for customers to benefit from. The glass fitted into our sliding sash windows is toughened to ensure it can withstand high intensity impacts, keeping intruders at bay.

You can also buy our sliding sash windows in Secured by Design standard, which features an upgraded locking catch and keep, both fitted into the sash reinforcement. They also feature security blocks that are installed to stop the sash from being pushed inwards, as well as additional reinforcement to the outer frames and tilt latches.


Range of Decorative Options and Features

You’ll be able to offer your customers a range of features when selling them sliding sash windows, guaranteeing they’ll find their perfect window quickly and easily. This window design is fitted with an easy clean facility, that allows homeowners to tilt the windows inwards into their property for easy access.

We also offer decorative sash horns and deep bottom rails to ensure your customers get the ultimate traditional aesthetic for their property. These features allow our windows to echo the original sliding sash windows design with absolute precision, making them the perfect choice for both modern and traditional homes.


Supply Only Sliding Sash Windows Prices

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