Composite Doors

Choice of the County Range, Continental Range and Meridian Range.

High security design with the Meridian Range being SBD as standard.

County Range available in stable door, twin door and door and a half.

Manufactured with support from the Woodland Trust.

Bespoke glazing, colours and hardware available.

‘A’ rated, thermally efficient panel design.

County Range

bullet-pointEasy to install company system outerframes, complementing the 44mm slab.
bullet-point Comprehensive range of glass designs, including resin bevel and fusion tile.
bullet-pointAvailable in a range of designs, including stable doors and door-and-a-half.
bullet-point44mm slab with a high security, multi-point locking systems.
bullet-pointSecured by Design and keyless entry options available.
bullet-pointLow threshold option available.

The County Range of composite doors from Phoenix are an incredibly versatile and easy to install option for all trade customers. Available in the stable door, door-and-a-half, twin doors and door combination options, we guarantee you’ll be able to accommodate a wider range of customers whilst still maintaining high quality.

This range can be tailored in a wide range of colours, both traditional and standard, as well as a range of glass designs, including resin bevel, fusion tile and the leaded design. You can also offer keyless entry and Secured by Design options to increase the practicality of your composite doors, as well as the peace and mind of your customer.


Meridian Range


bullet-pointTriple glazed design for enhanced security and thermal efficiency.
bullet-point‘A’ rated thermal efficiency for unrivalled energy management.
bullet-point Secured by Design accredited for ultimate security.
bullet-point70mm rebate for an easy, high quality installation.
bullet-pointWide range of high quality hardware available.
bullet-pointBespoke colours to offer your customers more.

The Meridian Range of composite doors from Phoenix offers a premium standard of design, aesthetic and performance for your customers. Featuring a 70mm rebate, 50mm triple glazed glass unit and a slab that is rebated with a triple perimeter seal, these doors allow you to offer outstanding weatherproofing and security throughout.

This composite door achieves some impressive stats, showing itself to be 19% more thermally efficient than a 48mm solid timber core composite door and 17% more thermally efficiency than a 44mm traditional timber panelled composite door. They are also Secured by Design accredited, since they are 67% thicker than a standard 44mm composite door.


Continental Range


bullet-pointExclusive range of glass designs to accommodate customer tastes.
bullet-pointFlush fitting design for easy installation and beautiful finish.
bullet-pointContemporary, stylish designs for the modern property.
bullet-pointA’ rated frames for outstanding thermal efficiency.
bullet-pointSecured by Design option available.
bullet-point Triple sealed and triple glazed.

The Continental Range from Phoenix is the only choice for your customers who are looking for a modern, sleek and stylish addition to their home. Featuring a wide range of glass styles and a flush fitting design that guarantees a wonderful finish, you’ll be able to ensure your customers are happy quicker and easier.

You can also offer the Secured by Design option to guarantee your customers an increased peace of mind. Featuring a triple sealed and triple glazed design, composite doors from the continental range offer enhanced thermal efficiency, showing themselves to be 19% more efficient than a 48mm solid timber core composite door and 17% more efficiency than a 44mm traditional panelled door.


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